Social Justice Fair

This Sunday March 11, 2012 – Immediately following the liturgy.
The Social Justice Committee of the CSP Board invites all members and friends to learn about the wide variety of ministries in which members of our community are active and involved. The purpose of the Fair is to introduce members to each other and encourage possible involvement with the outreach ministries. Participants in Social Justice Fair include

1. Lakeside Men’s Shelter
2. Cleveland Housing Network
3. Transitional Housing Baskets
4. Laura Herr Women’s Shelter
5. Lakewood Community Services Center
6. Legal Assistance to the Homeless
7. Adult Guardianship
8. Hospice Services (Western Reserve, Malachi House & Grace Hospice)
9. CSP-Trinity Career Networking 10. “In Reach” ministry to CSP members
11. Westside Catholic Center 12. Catholic Worker Meals for the Homeless
13. Refugee Resettlement, anti-trafficking, and Immigration counseling
14. Coalition against Death Penalty
15. Pax Christi
16. Ending Human Trafficking
17. Interreligious Task Force
18. Non-violence and Peace Jam Program
19. Inter-Generational School
20. Saint Colman’s GED tutoring
21. Marion Sterling School programs
22. Quid Social Marketplace
23. Justice through Arts (Finding Voice, films & dance)
24. Mid-town Corridor Clean-up
25. FaCT – Faith Communities Together for Frack Awareness
26. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
27. Future Church and Women’s Ordination
28. Parents, Families, and friends of Lesbians & Gays
29. Fortunate Families (Networking ministry to Catholic parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children