Art Exhibit Chappelle Letman: Inner Vision

April 22-May 13
Front Lobby of 7100

Prior to losing his vision permanently in 1992, artist Chappelle Letman loved painting with oils depicting nature scenes, people and cityscapes. Eight years later, transitioning into a new reality of being visually challenged, wasn’t easy for him. His life skills, coupled with California Sight Center’s instrumental instructions regarding technology devices and visual aids, helped him live with dignity. His heart is open to God’s leading and his hands become the instrument for his creative expression.

Art and healing is a phenomenal partnership. Chappelle’s life is evidence that healing can occur if we remain open to what God reveals in our inner visions. He receives support and is in partnership with organizations that promote independence for the visually impaired: the Ohio Arts Council, the Cleveland Sight Center and Kentucky’s American Printing House.

Many of Letman’s sculptures are abstracts with loops and openings, as if something natural has passed through them. Or as if they are inviting something to pass through them. Their eyes and hearts seem wide open. Their skins can be as rough as bark or as smooth as a deer’s belly. It’s as if of nature’s forces have followed him indoors.

Today, Chappelle’s sculptures are collected nationally. He describes his work, often abstract and organic with graceful loops and openings, as a “scriptural, tactile interpretation” of his environment. Though most sculptors sketch a piece on paper before setting tool to stone, Chappelle draws on memories of color and nature from a lifetime of living and working outdoors. He also finds inspiration in teh smells and sounds of everyday life.

We celebrate his inner vision, his creative energy and most assuredly thank God for his beating the odds as he continually encourages our hearts!

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