Community Day

Community Day
Saturday July 21, 2012
9:00 – 2:30 PM 7100 Euclid
Breakfast Snacks, Coffee and Lunch Provided- Free Will Offering

Our Community of St. Peter came together over two years ago when we discerned individually and communally, the journey we felt called and empowered by God’s Spirit to begin together. During our upcoming Community Day, we invite you to renew that experience of listening for God’s call and mission in our present circumstances.

You are asked to bring some item to share with your small group that expresses or symbolizes what the journey of the last two years has been for you. You will be invited to share in small groups about many of the moments when you have felt especially alive , joyful, or connected as a member of the community of Saint Peter or conversely, times when you have felt blocked or unfree.

After our small group conversations and learning what those in other groups have said, we will listen for patterns, surprises, invitations, and questions in what we have heard from one another. Then, given the journey we have been through and the challenges we are currently facing, we will try to notice together:

  1. What the invitations or next steps are that seem to be emerging to help our faith community grow in love and faithfulness to our mission.
  2. How these steps might express and implement what we have recently affirmed as our community’s mission and values.

Please try to attend this day. We are confident that through our gathering together, the Spirit will bless us with a stronger sense of ourselves as a community as we reflect on our past, shape our present identity, and look ahead to a shared future.