Volunteer at Marion-Sterling this Spring



•  Volunteer  to design and implement a bulletin board of statistical graphs to show  school  improvement  as  it  happens  during  the  year.   Statistics  indicate  that  academic  scores  increase  by  improving  school  attendance,  the  number  of  books  read each week, and parent involvement.

•   Tutors for reading or math for a couple of hours once or twice a week

•  Volunteers  as  teacher’s aide one day (or part of a day) a week

•  Tutors  in  the  more  structured  first  and  second  grade  STEP  Reading  Program:  (SupportingTutorsEngagingPupils)  New volunteer training will be offered before  working with a student.  A lesson plan for each lesson is provided.

•  Please  take  time  to  watch  a  four  minute  YouTube  video  of  a  MarionL Sterling STEP volunteer.


YouTube  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJUnjPwINWc%21%21

For more information:

Royce Johnston    216L406L6358      royce4@sbcglobal.net

Vicki Titas            216L382L5374               vickititas@gmail.com

•   Based on the success of the inLclass library that CSP created in one fourth  grade classroom at Marion Sterling, the school’s State Improvement Grant  Committee ordered $70,000 of books from Scholastic Books for 17  classrooms.  The books must be coded to conform with Accelerated Reader,  an evidencedLbased program that increased reading comprehension and  levels. Coding requires looking up the code on a computer and marking it in  the book. Time consuming but not difficult.  It would be a great help to the  classroom teachers if volunteers from CSP can code the books so that they  can be used as quickly as possible.



Marion Sterling Spring Carnival

Here is your chance to be a ‘carnie’ for the day. You can run the Duck Pond, Corn Toss or other games; judge the Jello Eating or Long Jump contests; man the craft tables or put on tattoos. Or, just come and enjoy.

If you can spare the time, please contact Vicki at vickititas@yahoo.com.

  • 8:30am-11am Carnival Set Up
  • 11am-12:20pm Kindergarten – 4th Grade games and activities
  • 12:30am-2pm 5th – 8th grade games and activities
  • 2pm-3pm – Carnival Clean Up

A total of 23 volunteers are needed to make this day a great one for the children.

Help is also needed on Wednesday, May 30th form 2pm-4pm when we’ll be making signs, ensuring all the games work, and doing any last minute preparation for June 1st.

Marion Sterling Dancing Classrooms

Ballroom Dancing classes began on January 23 for Marion Sterling School fifth graders. Save March 28th as the date the students will strut their stuff for friends and family at 9:00 a.m. in the school cafeteria. St. Peter’s has been a prominent supporter of this program for the past three years since its inception in the Northeast Ohio region.

Dancing Classrooms is not just about teaching ballroom dancing. Dance is the tool for helping children to learn about honor and respect for themselves and others, to improve social skills, communication and cooperation, and to raise levels of self confidence. Results have shown a decrease in school drop- out rates, improvement in student behavior and grades as well as positive vibrations throughout the school community.

At the conclusion of the program, a team of six couples is chosen to represent MSS at the final Colors of the Rainbow Competition to be held May 19th at 4:00 p.m.!