About the Community

The Community of Saint Peter, like any community, is bound together by the tradition of its past and the hope of its future.  Saint Peter Church, at East 17th and Superior Avenue, shared a long and rich history within the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland for more than 156 years. With great sadness the community which called St. Peters’ home experienced the tragedy of the closing of its historic 150 year old church and the suppression of its vibrant and committed community.

Molly Margaret Tiersky BaptismA significant portion of the members made the decision to remain together and to continue the liturgical and spiritual life it had shared at St. Peter Church, as well as maintain the essential outreach ministries which had become so much a part of its life and the life of our city. A Board of Trustees,  made up of members from the community, incorporated under the title The Community of Saint Peter in October of 2009. On August 15, 2010, the community met for the first time in its new space in the Baker Building at 7100 Euclid Avenue, to share in the Eucharistic Liturgy and begin a challenging and exciting new chapter in its history

At present the membership of the community numbers nearly 275 households (@ 450 persons). The community makes every effort to be welcoming and accepting of everyone who, in sharing a common faith and baptism, seeks to share equally in the mission of the gospel, and to be sustained in that work through the gifts of word and table celebrated each week in the Eucharistic Liturgy. The Eucharist is the center of our life together, forming us as one, and sending us forth to minister to our world.

The community has remained committed to its work in the city of Cleveland, especially in its partnership with Marion Sterling Elementary School and with the various shelter programs for homeless men and women and those who are transitioning our of homelessness. The Community is an active member of the Greater Cleveland Congregations, an interfaith, county-wide coalition which advocates for systemic change.

CSP Holy Saturday 2012As an intentional community, we recognize both the challenges and opportunities we face in the future. We remain committed to the tradition of the faith, and the work of the gospel, all the while standing in solidarity to work for a church which acts with justice and compassion toward all its members, exhibiting a real willingness to hear the needs of its members and respond to them with openness and real commitment to the gospel message. We see the future as exciting even if at times difficult, and we welcome all those who would be willing to share in that excitement to join us in this journey.