Community Day 2018

Ninety-five members  and friends of the Community of St. Peter attended the Community Day of Celebration and Discussion on June 23, 2018.

  • Participants heard input from our first Board Chair, Leah Gary; saw the story of CSP in pictures by Peggy Turbett; and watched a TED talk by Rabbi Sharon Brous.  Note: if you missed the Community Day, you and view the Ted talk here.
  • We prayed together, had a great lunch, and learned a catchy tune about living our beliefs.
  • We shared our own stories about the Community and participated in breakout discussions about six topics that were identified in a survey of the Community.   The six topics are listed below, and the summary reports from the breakout sessions are listed here.  If you missed the community day or would like to share further input on these topics, please use the online survey tool here.  The topics were:
    • Increasing and diversifying community membership
    • Facilitating activities that would deepen relationships in the Community
    • Spiritual development/growth activities within the Community
    • Social justice activities of the Community
    • Our most appreciated Community asset: liturgical celebrations
    • Discussing our mission statement as expressed in our tag line: “We are a Catholic Community, preserving and renewing a living tradition.”
  • Recently the Community Development Committee met to ensure good follow up on the six topics. The ideas raised in those six discussions have been captured and here is what will happen:
    • Two had ad hoc action groups that will be formed.  One will address Increasing and Diversifying Community Membership.  The other will work on Spiritual development/growth activities within the Community.
    • The Social Justice and Liturgical Life Committees will follow up on those topics and the Community Development Committee will address Facilitating activities that would deepen relationships in the Community.
    • Both the Board and the ad hoc committee on membership will be asked to look at the results of the discussion on the Mission Statement and our Catholic identity.
  • Here is what we are asking of all members – whether you were able to attend the Community Day or not:
    • This Wednesday (9/5/2018) in the Newsletter there will be links to our CSP website where the results of the six discussion topics will be posted.
    • There will also be a link to a place where you can add your input – perhaps you did not have a chance to attend the Community Day OR you did not have a chance to add your input because of time limitations.
    • Please review those six summary lists and add your input.
  • It is our hope that Community Day input will impact our Community going forward and will help us grow as a dynamic community living our Mission Statement:

We are a Catholic community. Our sharing of the Eucharist and the Word challenges us to live the message of Jesus: to love and respect all people, to serve the poor, and to work for peace and justice. Preserving and Renewing a Living Tradition.