Social Justice Granting Process

In 2020 the Social Justice Committee of the Community of Saint Peter (CSP) will once again manage the Social Justice Grants Program. Members of CSP are invited to nominate organizations for consideration to receive a grant from the Community. This year the Community will make up to four grants of $3,000 each.

Grant Criteria

  • Organizations nominated and considered for grants must have a mission and vision not in conflict with the CSP and Social Justice Committee missions as follows:

CSP Mission : We are a Catholic community. Our sharing of the Eucharist and the Word challenges us to live the message of Jesus: to love and respect all people, to serve the poor, and to work for peace and justice.

Social Justice Mission: Social Justice, as celebrated by the Community of Saint Peter, teaches us about human dignity, calls us to right relationships, invites us to solidarity, and sends us on a mission to serve. Our focus is the needs of the vulnerable in the City of Cleveland, which we attempt to serve through activities that address ongoing issues and provide continuous benefit.

  • Three grants will support non profit organizations serving those in need in the City of Cleveland. Members are encouraged to consider organizations working in the Fairfax neighborhood.
  • One grant will support non profit organizations serving those in need in countries outside of the US. Eligible organizations must be based in the US.
  • Please note that no grant can be made to an organization that employs a CSP member or an individual in their family.

Nomination Process

  • CSP members who wish to nominate an organization must submit a Social Justice Organization Nomination Form found here.
  • CSP members who nominate an organization are asked to contact the organization prior to submitting the nomination to be sure they are interested in participating in the grants process.
  • Nomination forms are to be completed by the nominating member and submitted via email to Those members who do not have access to a computer should contact Diane Therese Pinchot at 216-470-0608 or and arrangements will be made to help with nomination submission.
  • The Social Justice Committee review the nomination forms for completeness. Those forms that are not complete will not be considered for the program.
  • Nominated organizations will be contacted by a member of the Social Justice Committee who will provide them with all information and forms to complete their application.
  • Nominations are due to the Social Justice Committee by Sunday, July 5, 2020.

More Information

Please direct all questions about the Social Justice Grants Program nominations to Diane Therese Pinchot or to others on the committee.