Pastoral Position Announcement

The following article was posted on June 8, 2017, when the Community of St. Peter announced its search for a pastor to replace Fr. Bob Marrone upon his retirement.

The Community of Saint Peter, located in Cleveland, Ohio is conducting a nation-wide search to recruit a full-time pastor/administrator due to the retirement of our pastor in September 2017.

Who We Are

The Community of Saint Peter is a vibrant, financially strong, intentional community of 220 households and 435 individuals in the Catholic tradition. In 2009 the Community was established by its members following the closing of our parish church by the Cleveland Catholic Diocese. Originally structured as an independent, not-for-profit organization, the Community was subsequently designated as a church by the IRS and is recognized as such in the State of Ohio. Leadership of the Community is composed of an elected board of trustees and a pastor-administrator who reports to the board.

At the center of our life together is the Eucharist, which draws us together, sustains our ministries and sends us forth in the service of the Gospel. Our sacramental life follows Catholic tradition, with a reverent yet participative Eucharistic liturgy and homilies that connect our daily life to the Gospel.

Our members, drawn from six counties in northeast Ohio, come each Sunday in a single liturgy to celebrate the Eucharist, and during the week for various activities and ministries. We are an inclusive community which values diversity and welcomes all who are hoping to find a place of acceptance and a place to share their faith without judgment or prejudice.

True to our mission, our congregation remains committed to a broad range of ministries including religious education for adults and children, community and urban outreach, support of the arts, and a variety of social justice initiatives. The Community is committed to its presence in the Fairfax neighborhood of Cleveland and has worked to establish ministries which aid the most vulnerable in our city.

How We Pray

Worship, faith formation, and action are central elements of our community:

  • Worship: Worship in the Catholic tradition is central to our community. We use sacramental rituals, music, and preaching to connect the Gospel message to our contemporary life. Worshipping together nourishes our faith as we celebrate the various events of life—birth, growth, commitment, illness, death—and strengthens our bonds with one another.
  • Formation: We offer a wide range of educational experiences for the whole family, with a special focus on understanding, exploring, and strengthening our faith as thinking adults. Our well-attended speaker series features local and nationally known authors, academics and theologians who address topics that help us to better understand the central tenets of our faith and how to connect them to our daily life.
  • Action: The Community supports projects and social justice initiatives that make an impact in our neighborhoods and beyond through generous financial donations and active participation

Community Building

The Community of Saint Peter occupies worship and office space in an historic office building in Cleveland’s Fairfax neighborhood, a fast-growing neighborhood of Cleveland. Our members volunteer with many community based organizations that serve the residents in the neighborhood and throughout Greater Cleveland. We partner with a neighboring Baptist church in their food pantry by helping in packing and distributing food. In addition, the Community has a very long lived and active ministry tutoring students and supporting extra-curricular programs in area schools. We organize poetry and creative writing programs in a local homeless shelter, and donate clothing and household supplies for local organizations that serve low-income families.

Friendship and community-building are nurtured with social activities throughout the year that include dinners and cookouts hosted by members in their homes, group visits to museums, plays, and concerts, annual community picnics and clam bakes, and even an occasional international tour.

For an independent report about the Community of St. Peter, please see this 2012 article in the National Catholic Reporter.

Our Mission and Values

Mission: We are a Catholic community. Our sharing of the Eucharist and the Word challenges us to live the message of Jesus: to love and respect all people, to serve the poor, and to work for peace and justice.


  • Liturgical Life: Worship is central to the life of our community and we dedicate our talents and resources to it.
  • Spiritual Development: The strength of our community is based in the spiritual vitality of our members..
  • Inclusivity: We are open and welcoming to all.
  • Education: We deepen our knowledge through education of our members and the wider community.
  • The Arts: We promote and support creative artistic expression.
  • Commitment to the City: Our history and our presence in Cleveland call us to serve our neighbors in need.
  • Friendship: We value time together and promote bonds of personal support.
  • Collaboration and Partnering: We strive to cooperate with others to fulfill our mission.
  • Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue: We honor the contributions of faith communities across our society and seek greater understanding and cooperation with them.

Pastor/Administrator Qualifications and Responsibilities

We seek a pastor/administrator who will serve as our spiritual leader, deliver thoughtful and well- prepared homilies, take leadership in liturgy, and embrace the Mission of the Community of St Peter. We are open to candidates who are ordained but not currently active in ministry.

Required Qualifications:

  • Ordained as a Catholic priest
  • Possess a master’s or other advanced degree in ministry or a related field
  • Have proven experience in ministerial and administrative leadership
  • Demonstrate exceptional skills as a homilist and liturgist

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to social justice
  • Possess strong aptitude for pastoral care
  • Have proven commitment to life-long learning


Reports to and supports the Board of Directors.

  1. Provides leadership and vision in meeting the liturgical, spiritual, and pastoral needs of the Community, members and ministries.
  2. Directs, manages and supervises the day-to-day operations of the Community, budget, financial resources and staff.
  3. Provides vision and strategic thinking in building and growing the Community and supports board initiatives that reach out to and welcome new individuals and families.

Position Benefits

The Community offers competitive salary and benefits commensurate with experience.  Benefits include health, retirement, and paid vacation.

Apply in Confidence

Qualified candidates may apply in confidence by close of business (5:00 p.m. EDT) on August 31, 2017.  Please email  a cover letter and resume.   No telephone calls please.  Send email to:

Note: All finalists will be subject to comprehensive background checks.

To view or download a PDF version of this position announcement, click here.