Social Justice Committee

Mission Statement: Social Justice flows from the Eucharist which, as celebrated by the Community of Saint Peter, teaches us about human dignity, calls us to right relationships, invites us to solidarity, and sends us on a mission to serve. Our focus is the needs of the vulnerable in the City of Cleveland, which we attempt to serve through activities that address ongoing issues and provide continuous benefit.

The Social Justice Committee is primarily focused on the “administrative” processes and procedures.  The committee works to ensure the Social Justice activities and support sponsored by the Community of Saint Peter are well defined and clearly communicated.The Social Justice Committee oversees and coordinates the community’s ongoing ministries. ( see: Outreach Ministries)

In addition the committee coordinates the Social Justice Granting ProcessEach year a portion of the community’s revenue is set aside to help local, national, and international causes. In 2019, three grants were awarded. These grants included Bellaire-Puritas Development, for the maintaining of community gardens; La Posada Providencia in San Bonita TX, a family shelter near the border for those seeking asylum; and Thea Bowman Center, for providing educational, cultural, and emergency assistance to those in the Mt. Pleasant Community.

The Community also helps co-ordinate one time efforts such as a collection for shoes for immigrant children crossing the border into Texas, a sock collection for the homeless in Cleveland and participating in The Books for Prisoners Initiative.