The Board

The Community of Saint Peter is governed under a Code of Regulation which established it as a 501-c3 in October of 2009, and was granted Church status in October of 2010.

The Board is made up of 11 elected members who serve 3 year terms. Elections are held each fall to fill vacancies established through the three year cycle.

The Board meets quarterly to review organizational, financial and legal issues and to help support and guide the work of the Board committees and the community ministries. The Board meetings are open to all registered members.

There are three established Board Committees: Finance, Community Development, and Social Justice.

These committees meet regularly to guide the work of the community in these areas and make recommendations to the Board.

Current Board members are listed below.

Member Office
Joe Konen President
Herb Brosnan Vice President
Ksenia Roshchakovsky Secretary
Michael Drain Treasurer
Danielle Gruhler
Christian Madsen
Tom O’Donnell
Vic Pergola
Regina Pestak, MD
Peggy Turbett
Kathleen Webb