September 2018 marks the one-year anniversary of the retirement of Reverend Robert Marrone and the arrival of a new pastor-administrator, Bob Kloos. The year has flown by quickly and the transition has been smooth and fruitful.

The Community of Saint Peter is indebted to the thoughtful collaboration between Fr. Marrone and the Board of Trustees combined with the successful strategies of the Search Committee. We are ready for a full fall schedule of educational programming and a continuation of our outreach and pastoral ministries.

We are deliberate in our efforts to preserve and renew a living tradition. We welcome opportunities to foster emerging models of leadership in the Church that capture the many gifts of the Spirit that bless our membership.

We welcome one and all to our Eucharistic gathering on Sunday morning at 11am.

Who We Are

The Community of Saint Peter is an intentional community in the Catholic tradition, established in 2009. After worshiping for a short time at Cleveland State University, the community gathered together in its new space on the fifteenth of August 2010. At present, our membership numbers 260 households, (about 400 people). Members come from as near as the city and inner-ring suburbs, and as far away as Summit, Lorain, and Geauga counties.

We are an inclusive community which values diversity and welcomes all who are hoping to find a place of acceptance and a place to share their faith without judgment or prejudice.

The community is committed to its presence in the inner city of Cleveland and has worked to establish ministries which aid the most vulnerable in our city.

At the center of our life together is the Eucharist, which draws us together, sustains our ministries and sends us forth in the service of the gospel.

We are committed, as well, to a strong program of education for our members and the wider community.

Through our social justice activities we work not only to meet the immediate needs of others, but also, to work for the necessary systemic change which will bring about lasting equality and justice.

The community is governed by an eleven member board of trustees who are elected by the community to guide the life and work of the community in the present and insure our ongoing stability in the future.

A pastor-administrator, hired by the board, is charged with overseeing the liturgical, pastoral and administrative needs of the community.

The Community of Saint Peter strives to be a model of involvement, commitment and mutual concern, which we believe will be the hallmarks of church communities in the future.

We believe that as the church, the people of God must to be alive and present in and for the world. This is the central focus of our concern, attention and use of our resources.